Monday, February 11, 2013

To Start:


     This thing here is to chronicle my grindingly slow foray into converting and painting WH40k miniatures: specifically an Inquisitorial warband idea i have been kicking around for years, and finally got to work on.
      Inspired by the extraordinarily high quality of work on other Inq28 blogs, i'm hoping to carve out a grubby little corner for my band of merry little men (and women).
      For monetary reasons, i chose to get non-GW models and grimdark them up appropriately. For the inaugural post: the first completed miniature, a simple arm swap of a nice little sculpt, tentatively christened Widow Mantis.

The parts used, along with the original arm:

Necron destroyer elbow, High Elf feather bit

I'm planning a classic black/crimson/bronze paint scheme to tie the diverse miniatures into a unified group. More images to come soon!

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