Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Concept, and the Hound

     Since i have no group with which to play actual Inquisimunda or Inq28, this is more of a hobby project than a workable warband, ruleswise. The particular idea i conceived for my warband: an Ordo Xenos inquisitor, adamantly obsessed with the inherent moral and martial superiority of Mankind over all aliens, scouring the Imperium for the finest warriors he can find, collected into a group of fighters i'm currently calling the Gauntlet of Blades.

I came up with this partly to explain the diverse nature and different scales of the miniatures i collected for this project. I find the differences from the ordinary GW range coherent given that not every human will have the same size head and hands and height-to-breadth ratio as each Guardsman and Marine, and one of the things that drew me to Inquisitorial warbands to begin with was the unusual variety of henchmen and warriors, something rarely seen in the regular miniatures.

One model that i got just because i liked it, and conceived of as a psychically manifested familiar for the Inquisitor, since become a sort of mascot for my dudes: the Hound of Judgment.

The first painted model. I'm pretty happy with it, planning to make the white ribs and eyes blue with white in the centers. The coals and ash base will be replicated on the other models, with the occasional charred bone. The Hound pursues and incinerates, the warband wading through the ash behind it. This is another compromise between concept and expediency, but should look pretty decent.

More coming soon.

Monday, February 11, 2013

To Start:


     This thing here is to chronicle my grindingly slow foray into converting and painting WH40k miniatures: specifically an Inquisitorial warband idea i have been kicking around for years, and finally got to work on.
      Inspired by the extraordinarily high quality of work on other Inq28 blogs, i'm hoping to carve out a grubby little corner for my band of merry little men (and women).
      For monetary reasons, i chose to get non-GW models and grimdark them up appropriately. For the inaugural post: the first completed miniature, a simple arm swap of a nice little sculpt, tentatively christened Widow Mantis.

The parts used, along with the original arm:

Necron destroyer elbow, High Elf feather bit

I'm planning a classic black/crimson/bronze paint scheme to tie the diverse miniatures into a unified group. More images to come soon!